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Taxotere at Tax Time

My ‘dread dragon’  head is back just in time for craptastic chemo cycle number five, with today’s dose of Taxotere at tax time. Two of my most favourite things! (Not!)

Please excuse me while I go and wait for the week ahead of the men with spears jabbing my tired bones or the tender and painful fingernails that can’t push medication out of foil packaging or undo seatbelts.

Most of all I just love my Taxotere filled, weeping, blurry eyes. When I look in the mirror I can’t see my wrinkles with these. It’s like some sort of imaginary and free Botox treatment.

And I just can’t wait to drag my tongue over the hot molten ash of Hawaii again for that mouth ulcer party! Just love a good lava licking session!

Oh and how could I almost forget how my intestines seem to go on vacation for the week. Anyone got a number for a good plumber?

I’ve come such a long way from referring to my chemo infusion days as a health spa haven’t I? Fortunately, there is only one more to go after this.

But it is true. Chemotherapy can officially kiss my grits!


8 thoughts on “Taxotere at Tax Time

  1. Hateful, hateful stuff, that taxotere. If only one could just turn one’s thoughts to “if it’s doing this to me, imagine what it’s doing to the cancer cells!” But it ain’t that easy, dammit. Endure, my dear. It WILL be over one day, and like me you WILL feel more like yourself and you WILL start to resume normal life. Fingernails on the cliff. (SORE fingernails on the cliff.)

    And then, you can do your tax!


    1. I’m on the up now Lise. Only one left! Yippee! Been having some terrible back pain which I need to get checked out. Hoping its nothing serious. Hope you are doing well. x


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