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Licking Lava

Last night I flew freely, soaring like a sea eagle over the lava fields of Hawaii in my dreams. Unfortunately I must have swooped down too close and dragged my tongue through the hot molten ash. Nine days after my first chemo infusion and there has sprung an ulcer party in my mouth and throat. It’s like a really bad party. Crashed and full of drunken, lust fuelled, vulgar teenagers. The police will need to be called! I think I can hear the faint sounds of a wambulance in the distance (he he).


When my family visits Hawaii in a few years to fulfil Mr Cool’s dream of competing in the Ironman World Championships in Kona and we happily travel the islands, I will keep my tongue firmly in my mouth and away from said lava. There will be absolutely no lava licking permitted on the itinerary.

My long love affair with hot of cups of tea has been extinguished. Along with many other things I am guessing. Like many shitty things in life though, it is temporary and will pass.

At least there is great music in our world. Music makes everything alright. Ain’t no mouth ulcers gonna stop me from singing! This is what I write… This is what I write…

This is What I Write, Ainslie Wills.
Large Noises film the bands that blow their minds and give them goosebumps. At the same time.

12 thoughts on “Licking Lava

  1. That is also impressive. It’s hard to find time to exercise with small children at home. I know for me, I am so glad that I started moving again. Breast cancer opened my eyes to the way I was neglecting some important aspects of my self-care. On Easter, one of my sister-in-laws told me that I looked 20 again. However, she happened to be sitting right in front of a picture of me as a 24 year-old bride, and let’s say I can tell the difference! But I appreciated the thought and I do think that I look like a healthy 47 year-old woman and I am grateful for that.


  2. Lisey, Oh, poo! Thhpppt!! I had the same problem after every treatment. My oncologist prescribed, what the nurses called “Magic Mouthwash,” Nystat/Lidocaine/Diphen. It was a not too bad tasting, thick rinse and with the lidocaine in it was bliss for easing the sores and metallic taste that hung around for me for days. So 5-10ml, gargle, swish swish for a few seconds and spit it out. Another friend had the sores down her throat and they had her swallow it to give her relief. Hope this helps! D.


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