Thought I’d pop by and say hello as it’s been a while.  I realised today that I finished active breast cancer treatment three years ago. What a ride!

I have thought a lot about the end of my world since my diagnosis. My ‘el fin del mundo‘ which is Spanish for ‘world’s end’,  since 30 percent of all breast cancer patients will die of the disease no matter what their stage was at diagnosis or how successful treatment for their early breast cancer appeared to be.

Depression and post treatment anxiety are a part of my life now which I regularly need treatment for. And I’m continuing with the anti-cancer drugs for another seven years despite the hideous side effects I live with. The facial hair is coming along swimmingly.

To think, if I hadn’t had my life saved by conventional treatment, I would never have lived to experience the wonder of Snapchat filters, and that my friends would have been an absolute travesty!

Looking like a Grand Theft Auto character. Check ✔️

I’m leaving my kids and Mr Cool in three weeks when I depart for Argentina. I’m taking a side-trip to South Georgia Island and a week of zodiac shore visits to the world’s seventh continent, Antarctica. Which truly is end of the world.

Visiting Antarctica has been a dream I’ve had since I was seven. I’d spend hours under lamplight looking at maps of Antarctica in atlases. Intrigued by the flux of ice shore lines and relishing the stories of the battle of explorers to be the first there or the earliest to understand her.

This trip will inspire me in so many ways and contribute to my future creative output. I will paint, write and soak in as much as I can about the ecology of these frozen landscapes.

Here’s to looking forward and living forward. Peace be with you amigos. x