It’s very late on Monday night here in Australia and I’m sitting on the couch watching crapola free to air TV. I’m still wearing the shirt I slept in last night. I can’t help myself, it’s comfortable and I’ve kinda given up caring about what I look like since so much about my appearance is now out of my control thanks to the after effects of successful (touch wood) cancer treatment.

Don’t judge. I have accessorised my shirt with soup from dinner, or was that last nights meal?  Mr Cool assures me this is a family trait, after he has observed my brother and mother spill food on themselves many, many times. And yet he still married me.

So here I am, sitting on the couch looking splendid, and out of nowhere bang bang!  News hits the Twitterverse.  My blog has been crowned the “Badass Blog of the Year” by the rocking women empowerment site “The Indie Chicks” from New York.

In the early moments of learning this news, imagine George Costanza, jumping off the sofa, spilling his bowl of cereal everywhere, glasses falling off his face and fist pumping. That just about captures the events from my lounge room perfectly.

I have already received my esteemed “Badass Blog of the Year” badge. I’m so gonna photocopy it and pin it to everything, my blog, my fridge, my car windscreen. Hell, my kid can even take it for show and tell if he wants.

Thank you so much to The Indie Chicks.  I’ve spent loads of my life being called a “Fatass”. I’m so, so thrilled and humbled that I can now add “Badass” to my CV as well. I’m just beaming with pride!

Thank you to all my incredible readers and friends who voted for me in spite of me spamming your newsfeeds.  And thank you to my kick arse girlfriend Fi who nominated me without my consent. I’ll speak to you later young lady!

When I learned last week that Shittytittiebangbang was a finalist for “Blog of the Year” in The Indie Chicks’ Badass Blog Awards, I was humbled but a tad confused. A blog about me and my up and down foray through breast cancer. Totes Badass. Really!!?

Winning has been totally unexpected, but I’ll take it. I’ll take this award for all of my sisters around the world who have been dealt the shitty hand of this prick of a disease. There are far too many of us! Everyone knows the biggest “Badass” of all is cancer.

Shittytittiebangbang “winner of “Badass Blog of the Year 2015” on The Indie Chicks