Off to the big smoke today to end my relationship with my hair specialist.

It’s been grand, but a year of hair growth meds and many consultations (cha-ching!$!$$) later, I’ve ended up with enough photographs of my scalp to fill an Instagram account and I’m sporting some excellent facial and neck hair. Might be worthy of an entry into Movember this year.

On the way to the station I stopped to get a coffee and missed my train by just one minute! With only one train an hour on the line I couldn’t wait or I’d be late for my date with the white Eames chairs and the doctor with loads of hair. So I set about chasing that sucker down. Took me ten stations and 100 kms to finally catch the darn thing. But I made it. #catchingtrainslikeaboss #atleastthecoffeewasgood #Taxotears