Activities On This Route

It’s fair to say the cancer route is a shit sandwich. Like totally shit and spread extra thick between two slices of stale bread. Activities on this route can dismantle every part of your identity. Bit. By. Bit. Thankfully, with time, those parts can be put back together again, albeit in a slightly different arrangement.

I’ve been struggling through last year with weight gain and post treatment side effects. It’s pretty clear that after 16 months on Tamoxibitch  err, Tamoxifen that it does not agree with me, but at this stage I have no choice but to continue it until I’m given either Zolodex to shut my ovaries down or a hysterectomy.  That’s 460 white Tamoxibitch pills swallowed and only 3170 left to complete my ten year pre-menopausal stint at trying to prevent a recurrence but having my lifestyle severely impacted on with the side effects.  I could create a table for that. lol

I was beginning to think it was all too hard but my partner and friends just keep inspiring me with their endurance quests and their Strava and Runkeeper activities.  I’m lucky to keep such good company, with friends who call themselves Ironman triathletes, endurance trail runners and cyclists. So along I plod and push with the best compression lycra I can possibly find.

Today, I just wanted to share a little bit of joy with you for those people that are into stats like me. This is my 4km, slow, undulating, gully run and I have run this route hundreds and hundreds of times.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 1.47.41 pm

Activities on this route.

The very last entry is extra exciting and special to me. It’s taken two years to earn that spot back on this list and its place symbolises my recovery and continued progress despite feeling like I am often going backwards. Sure, I’ve got a long, long way to go, as well and some hurdles ahead with more surgeries, but I’m going to continue working at this and I hope to keep bumping the 2015 me further up this table.  So stay tuned for the next instalment!

Happy New Year everyone!

3 Comments on “Activities On This Route”

  1. katelharc77 says:

    Chalk that up for a big win. It must be incredibly frustrating to feel and see all your hard-earned strength and fitness fade during cancer treatments, but it can’t keep you down forever. Well done on accepting the long, slow journey, but continually striving for your goals. It’s truly inspiring for me as I set out on my treatment journey now, a fortnight from chemo Round 1.
    Kate x

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  2. liza hopkins says:

    well done lisey ur amazing remember what the tortoise said slow and steady wins the racexxx happy new year to u and ur gorgeous familyxxxxx

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  3. Emily says:

    Happy new year Lisa ! Yay for partners, friends, cool apps and compression Lycra . When I read this I thought of Dory in Finding Nemo “just keep swimming”, I hope the hurdles ahead aren’t too high and if they are you’ve got your “gang” to help you over them and past them. Emily x

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