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Boobie Doodler

I think I am in love.

Today she listened to me.  Smiled at appropriate times.  There were even outbursts of laughter. I know she would have brushed my hair from my face if I had any.

For this consult she had researched some literature for my individual case.  “I know that you like statistics so I’ve done some research for you” she said.

See, she is thinking about me even when we aren’t together.  She even answered all of my questions in great detail.  Time stood still.

There was an acknowledgement that going straight to implant with this next mastectomy might be difficult. “You fit types with strong pec muscles make it hard for plastic surgeons” she said.

Oh she does make me blush!

She again said “We want you to be around for a very long time.”

Let’s not kid ourselves.  She wants me to be in HER life for a long time. That’s essentially what she meant.  No illusions necessary here.

We lingered longingly, even though other women had already waited too long in the waiting room.

There was an apology about her criticism of my nipple position at our last consult. “I was getting ahead of myself” she said.  She is just beginning to truly appreciate my uniqueness.

This was by far our most successful encounter yet!

I wouldn’t be surprised if I get a post date text message tonight.  If only I wasn’t living so far away and wasn’t married, maybe, just maybe we would have a chance.  Another life perhaps.

She is mesmerisingly and extraordinarily impressive and out of respect for her privacy, I’m not posting a picture of her shoes today.

Can’t wait for our surgical date! August 13th is just so, so far away.

The image below depicts installing a zip to the side of my breast, criss crossing it with black pen, and watching black arrows explode from my nipple.  Well not really.  More like location of the incision site, removing all of the breast tissue and scraping the inside of the nipple to test for cancer while still in surgery, and taking it off if it tests positive for cancer.  That my friends is a nipple-sparing subcutaneous mastectomy right there.

600K per year and she gets to doodle boobies. He he!

12 thoughts on “Boobie Doodler

    1. Mr Cool has always appreciated my creative mind, stalker tendencies and facetiousness. Seriously though, it’s hard not to get wrapped up by the the aura of people we call surgeons. They are paid a bucket load of money and have studied many, many years to cut people up and extract cancer from peoples bodies and reconstruct body parts. The journey is so crazy initially and you spend a lot of time consulting with them till you are cast aside and the oncologist and radiotherapists swoop in and grab what’s left. When my time with her is finished I’m sure I will feel like I have been dumped by a lover. (Just a little bit he he) Just exercising a little creative licence. Interestingly my surgeon is also my age (but she dresses like Carrie Bradshaw) so I kind of identify a lot with her and respect her for the work that she does in the field that she is in.


      1. I know what you mean about “feeling dumped by a lover”. It’s so odd how attached we become to our doctors. I know that each time I had a baby I went into a small depression at the thought of no longer going in for checkups. I think that as women there are very few opportunities for us to be taken care of by others. We are always the caretakers.


  1. I think I’m in love, as well. What a wonderful surgeon and I am so glad that she is in your life. There are a couple of my cancer physicians for whom I have very strong affection. There needs to be a word for that kind of love that sounds healthy and inspiring instead of slightly creepy.


  2. Ha ha…Lisa your ability to approach challenging topics in a creative and amusing way continues to astound us all……keep writing and hope next few weeks of waiting is bearable for you!!! Love Shann in Honkers xxxx


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