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Wacky Wednesday


From “Wacky Wednesday” written by Theo.LeSeig

Well, this is kind of what happened this morning, except there was no shoe on the wall and obviously I don’t have a cute Meg Ryan type hairdo at the moment. And there is no way I could sleep with a humongous soft pillow like that as my neck wouldn’t cope with it. And there are portraits on our wall but not of doctors, sailors and scoutmasters. And we don’t own a straw broom or a cat.

But at that precise moment in the hallway, my shiny, dry, calloused, slippery, Taxotere soled feet slid from underneath me and I crashed down like a sack of spuds, landing heavily on my skull, neck and spine and split my head open (this turned out to be more of an oozing graze). This would not have happened if I was wearing my gold sequinned slippers.

For a moment I layed on the cold, hardwood timber floors evaluating my situation. I called out to my kids and Mr Two came to investigate and then ran off to get Mr Five yelling “Mummy’s fallen. Mummy’s fallen!” From the other side of the house they then got into a tug-o-war over some Schleich farm animal toys and forgot about me. (Note to self: enrol children in First Aid course, teach children principles of empathy and merits of sharing).

As I stared at the dusty skirting boards a small spider came out to greet me, but it wasn’t expecting to see Gulliver’s Travels happening in the hallway, so it hastily turned around and scurried back into its home. Boy I have really let the housework slip this year. Those skirting boards are filthy!

Thankfully, the kids returned and Mr Five brought me the telephone and I was able to call my awesome Mother in-law and Mr Cool at work for some assistance. And with perfect timing a friend from running club arrived with a freshly home cooked meal for my family and although shocked by my gorgeous appearance she looked after me until the others arrived.

I have a good supply of Endone and the GP kindly offered me more. So it’s all good, I’m just a little sore and bruised. Yet I can’t help but laugh at what chemotherapy has transformed me into in five months… a completely bald, arthritic, ninety five year old falls risk, complete with dirty skirting boards.

I have been in bed since Friday letting my last chemo take hold, perhaps I should have stayed in bed an extra day? Anyhow, chemo is done now and I intend on having the last defiant word.

Incidentally, last Wednesday was also wacky. I had a full bone scan to see if I had bone mets in my spine after weeks of worsening spinal pain. Results were negative. Yes they were! But I do happen to have a shit load alot of arthritis instead and the Taxotere has made symptoms flare. Amazing that a diagnosis for arthritis could fill me with such joyous relief! So I am again winning! And most wonderfully in all of this, after today’s fall, that arthritic pain shouldn’t be so noticeable anymore. Well played Lisey! Well played!

In short, for those blog readers that are time poor… On Wacky Wednesday there was a huge wacky of my cancer free backy along with a smacky to my cranium.

My very sexy arthritic filled cancer free skeleton.

17 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday

  1. Ouch! Way to go, taking such an impressive tumble and injuring yourself with so many other things going on. I was wondering how you were getting on after your last Taxotere. Fabulous news re your bone scan….well, not fabulous about the arthritis, but phew regarding bone mets. Great skeleton pic. Rest up and get well soon.


  2. That is such a heart felt description of how you are after 5 months of chemo… One we can all understand… I hope soon you start to turn the corner and find your old self… Helen xx


  3. You rock with your humor and strength in these trying times. I am happy for you that the bone scan went well. The joint pain/arthritis seems to hit lots of people, but falling and hitting your head sounds particularly painful. I hope you continue to build rest into the equation. I’m 20-21 months post-chemo and still have fatigue I never had before treatment. Much of my fatigue involves painful joints. I don’t know if anyone else has seen this supplement, but I saw on TV that someone has bottled in tablet form the membrane you find when you empty a hardboiled egg. It supposedly builds up joints like nothing else. I am looking for it in stores because I also have lots of aches in joints post-chemotherapy, too. I tried some other supplements after chemo and they did not help. I still hope to find something that helps. Hang in there. Even when the effects linger, there are improvements that come, too! You are strong and seem to have a great support network. Everyone will, I am sure, do their best to help you through recovery–even those darling, distracted children of yours!


  4. Oh my goodness. Well, I’m glad help arrived eventually! Maybe you should just keep those sparkly slippers on at all times since they’re amazing, anyhow. I’m glad the pain in your back is NOT cancer. That’s awesome news. And now, I hope you find some non-related-to-cancer help in easing that discomfort.


  5. Oh, Lisey, I’m so sorry about your fall. As if you needed another reason for medical attention! But I’m very happy for you that the bone scan was clean. Yay arthritis! Woot! Woot!


      1. Second taxol was today. I’m starting Claritin tomorrow with the Neulasta shot to see if I can lessen the bone and joint pain. Am I calling you by the right name? My name is Lisa. It’s hard to tell from the blogs sometimes.


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