Boobie Two’s Day

20130712-081107.jpgDriving to the big smoke this morn to have boobie two squeezed in the prized George Foreman grill. This will be my LAST EVER Mammogram! I can hear your jealous minds ticking over… “Lisey will be free of mammograms… wow wish that was me!” See, a breast cancer diagnosis has some merits. Wouldn’t want to squeeze implants in one of those things. They could burst like a pubescent zit! Ewwww!

Then, I’ll move onto a little cold lube up for my last breast ultrasound before my prophylactic skin and nipple sparing mastectomy surgery next month. Four weeks post last chemo infusion (this Tuesday peeps – mark it on your calendars!) I’m back under the knife, back in theatre with the bearded nurses and the drugs that make me hallucinate. Yee hah! Unless they find cancer today, and then I could drop the “prophylactic” term from my sentence. Which would be great cause that word is hard to type on an iPhone.

I can’t wait to do all of this dressed only in my undies and a hospital gown that opens at the front. Especially since I’m wearing a pelvic belt after Taxotere chemo has giving me the worst sacroiliac sprain and arthritic flare in my lumbar spine of my life and I’ve been hobbling around for 10 days. I spent a few days worried that breast cancer cells had moved in and metastasized. Just call me a “cancerchondriac”. If the mammogram lady asks me to contort myself like a Russian gymnast there is going to be trouble. Does anyone know any Russian swear words?

I visited the surgeon for a breast review 5 long weeks ago and we had conversation that went something like this… “You know Lisey, you can take photos of my shoes but I don’t want them to go on the Internet or anything.” So I’m guessing this will be the last one.

Boobie two's day shoes

Boobie two’s day shoes

Wish me luck.

Everybody sing…

Goodbye, boobie two’s day, who could hang the blame on you… Girl I’m gonna miss you.

7 Comments on “Boobie Two’s Day”

  1. liza hopkins says:

    good luck lisey will be thinking of you todayxx


  2. George Foreman grill- BAHAHAHAHA! Exactly!

    Lisa, you don’t need luck. I don’t trust luck any more. You just need strength, and I’m happy to hand you some of that.


  3. stemgir1 says:

    Thinking of you today and next Tuesday. It’s a long haul, isn’t it! And taxotere is so nasty! They tried 3 times to give it to me but I was ‘blessed’ by having an immediate severe adverse reaction such that I only ended up getting total of 12 mls of the stuff – that was enough to cause terrible lower back pain, nerve and muscle pain! So I can only imagine the pain you’re in – but hey, fantastic news you’re all done with that!
    Best wishes.


  4. NotDownOrOut says:

    Stay strong. We are all rooting for you!


  5. I hope all went well for you at your appointment. In any event, your mamo is done-o. Keep posting the shoe pic’s. You’re just going to have to get sneakier.


  6. lmarieallen says:

    So happy for you that chemo is over! I started Taxol, cousin of Taxotere, yesterday. So far so good, but time will tell. Love the song!


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