FEC -D Health Spa visit One
FEC -D Health Spa visit One

After a flying start with some profound and inspirational stories of proactive change involving serious commitments to improving health and relationships, sent to me via Facebook, text messages, email as well as in the comments section of the blog…

I bring you the first of many Shittytittie chemo cuts executed by Punk Chick, the inspirational cancer arse kicker extraordinaire and also witnessed and photographed by my delighted bestie JRF who has wanted me to treat my hair with a little more respect for a mere 25 years. On this day, his wish came true in a fleeting kind of way. I borrowed an awesome digital SLR camera from another great friend Mr D and in having absolutely no idea how to use it, we snapped away to the tune of three hundred images. Gotta get a few good ones out of that right? Should have paid more attention in year ten photography! Oops!

It was a slow and timid start. The first cuts to my poor, mistreated and neglected hair where executed with some nice classical music in the background. The haircuts were completed on the afternoon of day 11 post my first infusion of chemotherapy. My hair started to fall out on day 13. Phew! Just in the nick of time! There was no way chemo was going to spoil our fun!

So without further adieu, let me introduce you to Ab Fab Patsy Darling. Well, not really, but it was how I felt after stepping foot in a hair dressing salon for the 8th time in 38 years and it was the name we all exclaimed on completion.






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Thank you to those gutsy folk who have started the balls of this challenge rolling. I am delighted and excited by your responses. Lets keep this going as cut number two is just itching to be revealed.

Who will be the next ten people to share their commitments to living a better life? YOU! Yes you!

Love Patsy Darling


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