So the rain finally came.
There was thunder, there was lightning.
It was very, very frightening.
To our dog.
Mr neurotic whippet.

Day fifteen with Exudrain,
It was hard to explain,
Post mastectomy and lymph nodes gone, what a strain,
With no sign of slowing.
I thought it would be with me always, itching, hurting.

There was thunder there was lightning.
He was waiting at the back door.
Shivering, shaking, panting.
Veins bulging from his head.
Like he had a just been given a canine cancer diagnosis.

I brought him inside.
If I didn’t, he would scale our six foot solid fence.
I don’t have time to deal with texts
from people at 3am to say he is in their yard.
And neither do they.

After the storm passed he took two hours to fall asleep.
I took three.
He lay stretched out across the end of my human bed.
Sometime in this haze of dealing with the crazed storm hater,
I must have freed myself.

This morning the drain was running on the floor.
I picked it up. It moved like a serpent.
It didn’t have my torso attached to it.
I was free.
Exudrain no more.

The dog slept in.
The nurse came and cleaned and dressed it.
We will closely watch to see what happens.
Fluid buildup is complicated.
I’m hoping my body will absorb it, or I’m back to hospital early to have it aspirated with a needle.

The dog has always managed to make everything about him.

20130226-215448.jpgThough I might be thanking him in a few days.