My partner is a man of few words. There aren’t many that can say they really know him. But he is an amazing human being. There have been times in our relationship where we have been able to say more to each other through writing than we can face to face. Little notes, text messages and even emails have helped us out. Sometimes even texting across a noisy household of young children helps resolve things. It helps take the emotional charge out of arguments or situations where we aren’t able to listen to one another in a moment. My partner wrote this message in the cafe after we saw the surgeon on Friday. He sent it to me and I never looked at it till Sunday. I am very lucky that this man of few words says so much.

Dear Lise,
I remember when I first read John MacLean’s inspirational autobiography “Sucking the Marrow Out Of Life” he described how his life changing accident happened. He was riding his road bike along a freeway when he was hit from behind by a small truck. In an instant his life was turned upside down. I remember thinking how a significant single action (yours or anothers) can change your life, and I couldn’t put the book down.

For me January 11th, 2013 was that single action or in our case a single piece of news when our GP announced to us – “Well it is cancer”.

My life, our life, for me has been one amazing experience after another. Both big and small adventures have lead us to this moment.

I’m not sure I know how we will cope, but I know we will. I’m not sure how our boys will cope yet I know they will. I’m not sure how our wider family and friends will cope and yet so far they have been nothing short of amazing. We are so blessed, more than I realised with the love and support of so, so many people both old and new friends as well as our family.

On the way to Melbourne for our latest meeting with your surgeon you asked me if “I felt lucky to have met you or were you a burden?”

I couldn’t answer you adequately when you asked as I didn’t want to ‘lose my shit’ whilst driving – it wouldn’t be a good look for Mr Cool :). Luckily I was hiding behind my dark sunnies.

If I had not met you, become friends with you, worked with you, flirted with you, traveled with you, trained with you, laughed with you, cried with you, argued with you, danced with you, (I could go on) then I would not be the person that I am today. I like this person I have become because of you, but more importantly I love the life we have created together. We are happy, our boys are happy, our family is happy and we are all loved and loving of each other. As you said recently “Life is Good”.

The truth is that I wouldn’t change a thing in our lives up until January 10th, 2013.

So as we sit here in the Treasury Cafe both furiously “working” away on our iPhones and iPad I can’t help but think how comfortable we are together. Sometimes too comfortable, sometimes going for too long without actually talking to each other, and even with all this “shit” that is happening, how lucky we are. How lucky to have each other, how lucky to have happy kids, how lucky for so many amazing friends and family and how lucky we are for our collective experiences.

So to answer your question “Do I feel lucky?” adequately: I could not have been any luckier! Period!

Love love love love love love love love you.

Mr Cool