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Celebrate Good Times… C’mon!

Zolodex Injection... fit for a horse.
Zolodex Injection… fit for a horse.
This month, after pelvic surgery, I was put into menopause via a big arsed Zolodex injection and my pelvic pain of 14 months has now ceased. I could hug my oncologist and gynaecologist but that might not be appropriate.

Equally riveting, just this week I was officially diagnosed with clinical depression, so it’s been quite productive. It’s taken a lot for me to finally get here. But I have arrived. Woo hoo!

Remember back in the day of junior school when the most difficult thing you had to deal with was when some pre-pubescent, pimply kid, you were crushing on actually liked your friend instead of you? Or your socks didn’t quite match your 1980’s flouro jumper?  Remember the joy you felt when you danced to “Celebration” by Kool & The Gang? Remember when the cool teachers gave you wordfinds or crosswords at the end of the day instead of work? I loved that shit!

So to celebrate these momentous achievements, here’s a crossword I made.  Enjoy!
Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 10.22.20 pmScreen Shot 2015-06-01 at 10.22.48 pm

**Click on the crossword images to print. Answers can be published if anyone on this earth actually wants them.  You’re welcome! 

5 thoughts on “Celebrate Good Times… C’mon!

  1. I’m totally doing that crossword in the chemo ward tomorrow! So glad Zolodex has lessened the pelvic pain. Big hugs from me. I bet your socks always matched your fluoro jumper, and that you even had a kick-arse high ponytail with matching scrunchie too. I was fond of the matching hair bandanna to socks-over-tracksuit look, but only when I wasn’t wearing my Fido Dido shorts or hyper colour t-shirt.


  2. Lisey I am new to your blog and have spend the last few weekends reading your blog. You have made me laugh and cry and feel normal in this journey. I have had very similar cancer and treatment to you (except I had immediate reconstruction). It’s been reassuring to see the chemo and treatmtent I received is the same as that delivered by your specialised hospital. You are inspiring and awesome for creating this blog and sharing your experiences. I wish you the very best strength and support as you work your way through your depression and ongoing treatment. You have helped me get through the toughest time (the end of my chemo) and I look forward to hearing more from you as you make your way forward.


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