Cutting My Losses


Cutting my losses

It’s a very strange feeling to be over 16 months out from chemotherapy and yet be back to square one with the hair where it all began to fall out in April 2013 from FEC – D chemotherapy.  Punk Chick and JRF helped me treat the hair loss as a celebration of sorts, a path to wellness. “Piece of cake!” I said, since it wasn’t going to be permanent.

In retrospect, what a genius idea it was to document that process for the SHITTY TITTIE CHEMO CUT CHALLENGE.  None of us had any inkling that so much of my hair would be killed off permanently by my life saving chemotherapy.

Just yesterday, I had the pleasure of lunch with the radiant, rainbow coloured, hairdresser Punk Chick and my dear sisterlike friend Kenny. They agreed my head could do with a shave as there wasn’t a lot of other options holding out for me in haircut land.  So this had to be. A clean slate. Starting afresh, moving on, and all that.

My recent attempts at hairstyling. With deepest apologies.

My recent attempts at hairstyling. With deepest apologies.

As it stands, this must be about Shitty Tittie Chemo Cut Fourteen, and hopefully one day very soon, I won’t think of this as a chemo cut anymore but just as “my cut”.  The association between this and chemo is very strong. But so was the constant reminder of cancer from looking like I had the hair of the Three Stooges.
(Yes, all of them together) And many people still thought I was still having active treatment anyway.


The family that shaves together stays together!

I’ll continue ingesting Minoxidil and Spironolactone through the summer and then I think I’ll just forget about it. The hair specialist says the hair I have is likely to fall out once the meds stop.  But I have so much to be thankful for and it’s time to direct my energies to more important things.  You know, like things that actually matter.

So for now I’ll run with the slogan ,  “the family that shaves together stays together”.  Or something like it.

9 Comments on “Cutting My Losses”

  1. And now… get the earrings out! You are just so glam and beautiful! xx

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    • I’m with Candy regarding the earrings. While my hair did come back in, it is thin and fine so I keep it very short. Pixie like. But I totally rock the fun, big earrings. Takes all the focus off my head and I get tons of compliments! You look beautiful…with or without!

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  2. I have no doubt you have been told. You look beautiful with a shave head. Love your family photo too !

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  3. Lisa says:

    Love your family photo & may any more chemo cuts be far & few between. xx

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  4. Deb Baker says:

    What a beautiful family photo. Much love to you x

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  5. RebeccaHJ says:

    Beautiful photos. Cool cut. I know it is shittie, but think of all the positives – no morning hair dilemmas, no money wasted on hair products, no bad hair days, just free, fabulous days to spend with your family xx


  6. NotDownOrOut says:

    You could not look more beautiful. SO much sassy energy that hair is no longer a necessity.


  7. Bronnie says:

    You are blessed to look that good with this hairdo. Celebrate that!


  8. Bronnie Walsh says:

    As a result of following your story, I decided to get a mammogram this week. It wouldn’t have entered my mind otherwise. Thanks for sharing this difficult and challenging journey xo


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