There are firsts for everything.

Late on Friday I met with my GP to receive the ultrasound results of the lovely lady lumps that have cropped up near my mastectomy incision scar from 22 months ago.  The last time I had a lump looked at by a medical professional,  it turned out to be what Scorchy from the blog “The Sarcastic Boob” refers to as the “Death Star” from Star Wars, an ominous moon-sized Imperial military battlestation armed with a planet-destroying super laser.  Love you Scorchy!

Death Star
The “Death Star”, casting its shadow over life as we know it.

For a week I’ve been battling my Dread Dragon, wondering if the lump was going to announce itself as some insidious grade three cancer cells clumping together again, waiting to strike like the Death Star.  I have been shaky and ill at the mere thought of having to get a biopsy needle stuck into it.

So, while my kids happily played with a small box of toys in the corner of the GP’s office, I heard the words “scar tissue”.  My lovely little lumps ARE NOT screaming CANCER on the ultrasound!

It’s the first time in my life I have actually done a fist pump in a doctors office. Well, three consecutive fist pumps after I was handed and read the report that said…

“There is a tiny equivocal 6 x 3mm oval broad lesion of the deep subcutaneous tissues that is poorly defined with some smooth indentation of the underlying pectoralis muscle.  This is thought to represent scar tissue.  No suspicious lesion is seen.”

So there it is!  Just a lump of junk that I’ve got my eye on.  I’m still on guard scanning the galaxy though, as the omnipresent threat of the breast cancer “Death Star” analogy is never, ever far from my thoughts.

As you were.

A false-colour electron micrograph image of a breast cancer cell.
A false-colour electron micrograph image of a breast cancer cell.