Celebrating My Modest Life

Two years on, and no Melbourne half marathon for me yesterday. But inspired by my amazing friends I just ran a few kms for the first time around Melbourne’s “Tan Track”. And the great thing about looking like this 13 months clear of active treatment is people get out of your way when they see you coming.  I can also highly recommend getting double tissue expanders, for I haven’t had to wear a bra since! #lifeisgood #thatswaterbytheway #lovemysolesisters


7 Comments on “Celebrating My Modest Life”

  1. boobinabox says:

    LOL Lise, no word of a lie that is exactly what I look like every morning. Chemo makes your hair fucking mental! I hardly have any but it takes a shitload of product to get it into some semblance of normal. Oh and good on you for running, I couldn’t even break into a jog if my life depended on it at the moment.


  2. Fiona Hendry says:

    You are awesomeness embodied. Love your writing, and your perseverance is inspiring.


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