An Unfortunate Event

My ‘scanxiety’ is back. It manifests in clenched mouth, shallow breathing, and nauseated stomach.

Today, I return to the CT donut and the awful litre of contrast drink. Wondering if it will be aniseed flavoured this time?

The ‘what if’ thoughts are frequent and my adrenal glands are on high alert.

I’m following through with the advice of my team, the surgeon, radiotherapist and GP and checking that things are okay with respect to some symptoms I’ve been having. Tomorrow, I will see my oncologist for a checkup and the results.

But today, I return to a frequent scenario from last year. Fasting, surrendering to technicians and their technology, laying perfectly still, listening to my heart pound, holding my breathe and waiting. Waiting and wondering.

Boarding the train, the message comes through on the loud crackled speaker. This train is cancelled and is to be replaced by coaches. The fact it is the exact coach that transported our guests to our wedding is not lost on me.

There has been an unfortunate event down the line they said.

An unfortunate event.

Murmurs amongst passengers speak with hushed syllables of a life thrown away.

I am left wondering if someone was finding it all so hard, and so unbearably painful, that they couldn’t take this thing anymore. This thing called life.

A poignant reminder.

Given I hope, and wish, and will, my own life to be a long one.


10 Comments on “An Unfortunate Event”

  1. Right. There. With. You.


  2. lmarieallen says:

    My thoughts are with you. I think you deserve some smooth sailing for a while.


  3. Lisa says:

    Ohhh Lise- sending positive vibes your way…. 💚❤️💜💙💛


  4. Val Jackman says:

    Waiting and wondering (worrying) about results is the worst part of having medical tests. Good luck!! I am sure you will get the good results you are praying for!! You have done a fantastic job … dont push yourself too hard … I know it is very draining emotionally as well as physically. Lucky you have such a wonderful supportive husband and family. Hope everything is okay and you are back to a normal life soon. It has been a long road, and you deserve a big pat on the back!! Your personal blog is an inspiration to many others going through this awful journey. Best wishes. xo 🙂


  5. helensamia says:

    Sending a big hug your way ❤


  6. Caroline Webster says:

    I hope all is well Lisa. You’re such an inspiration. Keep the faith and stay positive. Caroline


  7. tammycarmona says:

    It never gets easier for me! Praying for good results!


  8. lmarieallen says:

    Lisa, are you ok? I’ve been looking for a follow up to your last post. The silence is deafening.


    • Hello My Dear. I’ve been really busy this year with getting my oldest child to school and loads of cancer charity events. I must get onto publishing some of the backlog of blogs I’ve got as drafts. Hope you are doing okay. I’ve got so much to catch up on in blog world! x


      • lmarieallen says:

        I’m doing well, thanks. I finished radiation in December and am now with tissue expanders. I’ve had 3 “fill-ups”. So far, so good, but the radiated side is very slow to stretch, and the saline likes to sit way up high compared to the other side. Did everything go ok with your scan in March?


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