Yes, you read the blog title correct… cut six, seven and eight! What an extravaganza!

Please excuse my tardiness. I’ve been busy holidaying interstate, running fun runs, cheering at awesome Ironman triathletes, playing with my beautiful kids and reflecting on my life as I explored and sat on stormy beaches and ran my toes through the sand, as well and being treated for breast cancer. All of this takes up a lot of time.

So in light of the fact my head is currently as bald as a babies bum as I am now officially over half way through chemo (yeah baby!), and in Southern Australia we are rapidly moving towards an Antarctic winter, I feel some urgency to reveal these cuts and get to representing the current me in blog land again.

I have not forgotten all of the responses that have been streaming in to me via text, email and the blog for the Shittytittie Chemo Cut Reveal Challenge. We have reached close to 70 contributions from people making positive changes to their lives from volunteering to mentor whole families of children, committing to sprint distance triathlons, beginning couch to 10km training programs, having mammograms, working on relationships and improving marriages, spending more time playing with children, booking overseas holidays, working on developing a more positive attitude to everyday life, going back to study for a new careers… the list goes on and on.

The response to the Shittytittie Chemo Cuts Reveal Challenge has been totally overwhelming to be honest. I never dreamed that such an idea would spring forth so much gooey goodness and inspirational change in people.

This week I received a wonderful message from a dear high school friend from 21 years ago which I just have to share.

Dear Lisey,

I have been reading your running experiences with interest – not long after our 20 year school reunion I started my ‘triathlon training’ for the end of the year (‘fun tri’ at the local club). Swimming and riding I can do (slowly!), but my running takes me back to laps of the school during PE, with merciless (moustached) Mr Mahony…

So I’m surprised to find I am getting to like it. Out of my driveway and turn right gives a great view to Mt Baw Baw if the day is clear. The down side is running past the neighbours – they insist on hanging the most recent fox they’ve shot on the barb wire fence, though at least the smell keeps my speed up!

I smiled on the weekend – opening some of the last boxes since we moved here (2 years ago!) I found a post card from you – in a box that has travelled with me to each of the 6 houses we’ve lived in the past 10 years. It was from Esperance, on your around Australia trip – was that the year after year 12? You were learning to surf… a skill you still have?

Thinking of you often, well done for the hard stuff you’ve already come through.
A xx

I have only run into this friend a handful of times in the 21 years that have passed since we finished high school. And that postcard was written and sent in the early months of 1994. Kept safe all these years in a box. And yet these words that have reached me this week from an old friend mean so much! To know that so many people are thinking of me and wishing me well on this journey is just wonderful.

So today filled with gratitude, I reveal three cuts which gets us closer to the business and bald end of things.

First we have the “Brad Pitt (in his smug Gwyneth days, not Jennifer Aniston or his latest one which I can’t remember her name but she carries the BRCA 1 gene and just had a preventative Breast Cancer double mastectomy, see her amazing story here) Haircut.

Then after some more snipping it was time for a little shampooing and rinsing. Oh glorious shampoo and rinse hands of Punk Chick! If only you had a spare set I could hang in my shower and use each day!

JRF was onto the broom and did a marvellous job of sweeping up the strands of hair into a growing pile. Such a jack of all trades he is! An extraordinary fellow, friend, photographer, music lover, spiritual guider, stylist and sweeper. Amongst many other attributes.

The hair pile grew impressively larger and larger
Nothing like a good wash at the hairdressers!
Nothing like a good wash at a great hairdressers!

For cut number seven we tried the “Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up” wet look, without much luck. Unfortunately ageing and chemotherapy have ruined such voluminous ambitions.

We tried the "Rick Aslety, never gonna give you up, wet wet wet look, without much luck. As ageing and chemotherapy have ruined such voluminous dreams.
The “Rick Astley never gonna give you up” pitiful wet look.

Then we had a bit of an interlude where JRF took some selfies while we undertook some drying and styling time.

My gorgeous friend Errol Flynn aka JRF
My gorgeous friend Errol Flynn aka JRF

Then some more snipping and styling for cut number eight which has been named the “Jamie Lee Curtis Midlife Crisis Pixie Cut”.

The Jamie Lee Curtis Midlife Crisis Pixie Cut
The Jamie Lee Curtis Midlife Crisis Pixie Cut

These cuts signalled a rest for the amazing scissor hands of Punk Chick. I made a promise that down the track when my hair regrows I will visit her regularly to rectify the previous 38 years of neglect. I am excited about my hairstyling future.

The wonderful Punk Chick
Many thanks to the wonderful Punk Chick
What gorgeous souls!
What gorgeous souls!

The remaining cuts occurred at my own home a few days later as my hair began to fall, where my husband and children got to utilise their shaving skills. So there are still three more to come!

For all the details of the challenge and how to participate click here

You can also use the category menu at right of this blog to see all of the “Shittytittie Chemo Cuts Reveal Challenge” blog posts as they progress.

Who will be the next ten people to share their commitments to living a better life or making proactive steps towards creating a great legacy? YOU! Yes you! Please join the challenge! Lets get to 100 people!

There are still three more cuts to go!

Love from all of us,

Brad Pitt, Rick Astley and Jamie Lee Curtis
x x x



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