The positive pledges keep arriving. So if you haven’t yet stopped and thought about how exactly you could improve your health and wellbeing or some other aspect of your life and sent me a little note about, what on earth is stopping you? So far 52 people have joined the “Shittytittie Chemo Cuts Reveal Challenge”.

One incredible Mum who has three kiddies under five shared this personal challenge…

“I want to see the next hair cut! So I’ll share my personal challenge for 2013. After reading the book Revolution In World Missions (2004) about stories of poverty… I have decided I will not spend any money on clothes for the year. Wow! Hard, but it has so far been a fantastic experience for me! It has been very humbling. I stopped worrying about what I look like, I rediscovered old clothes and have got better at mending clothes. I have more spare time as I am not standing in front of the mirror or browsing shops. It has made me focus on how I feel on the inside … and I am looking very much forward to the end of the year giving that money to people who have not even a pair of shoes! So here is to ‘holy’ socks for 2013!”

Great for people less fortunate and for living more simply. An awesome idea, don’t you think?

Yahoo Serious from the Australian film "Young Einstein" (1988). Complete with cockatoo.
Yahoo Serious from the Australian film “Young Einstein” (1988). Complete with sulphur crested cockatoo.

So on we roll to Shittietittie Chemo Cut Five. This one is deemed the “Yahoo Serious Haircut” after the 1988 Australian comedy film titled “Young Einstein”. It starred Yahoo Serious, yes that was his real name after he changed it via deed poll from his birth name of Greg. If you see this movie in your video store, probably best to keep moseying on by it. I can’t remember anything about the plot either. It could also be referred to more simply as the “Electrocution Haircut”. Or the “Polly want a cracker sulphur crested cockatoo haircut”. I can’t make up my mind.

I really liked this one and it might become one of the favourites as it made me feel rather happy and confident. It has been interesting to see the change in confidence in me as a person as each hairstyle gets shorter. I think this comes out in the photography.

This is the moment the echidna jumped from my head.
This is the moment the echidna jumped from my head.
Looking at Punk Chick's photos from her punk days circa 1990
Looking at Punk Chick’s photos from her punk days circa 1990
The final shooshing
The final shooshing
The Electric Shock
See, twins almost!
See, twins almost!
Polly want a cracker?
JRF sent a text of this haircut to our close friends and here he reads their replies.
JRF sent a text of this haircut to our close friends and here he reads their replies.
Oh là là

I could potentially revisit this haircut when my hair grows back. What do you think? Imagine me taking my eldest to primary school next year with this! Cool and crazy Mum indeed!

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Who will be the next ten people to share their commitments to living a better life or making proactive steps towards creating a great legacy? YOU! Yes you!

Get a move on peeps or I’ll still be trotting these hairstyles out come Christmas, by which time I hope the original hair will be growing back. There are still five to go!

Love and peace,

Yahoo Serious aka Cocky
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