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Shittytittie Chemo Cut Four

Hang on to your seats because on this fine day we reveal Shittytittie Chemo Cut Four, after another fabulous group of people committed to the “Shittytittie Chemo Cut Challenge” to make an effort to live their best life. For the beginning of this challenge and all the details of how to participate click here. Please feel free to donate to the great causes below if you are that way inclined or just loaded and don’t know what to do with your money!

I received some emails and messages from some amazing women for this haircut. Women who have endured so much and yet have the get up an go to make their lives productive and contribute a great deal. I am sure their lives and the lives of those they know are richer for it. It is so inspiring to hear from people about their personal struggles and then see them stand and take life by the horns.

“Since breaking my back and fracturing my skull back at uni, I’ve battled constant back pain but I’m proud to say I’ve since run a 35km marathon, ridden a bicycle solo from Melbourne to Adelaide, hiked and sea kayaked the South Island of New Zealand and cycled the North Island, ridden through Vietnam and travelled a lot of the world and fulfilled a twenty year long dream to complete a triathlon just last year. All because I wanted to prove to myself that having a disability was no excuse not to go for it”.

The same person volunteers her time at a Landcare group, works with people with disabilities, taught in India last year and while living there helped with the clean up of a devastating cyclone. At home, she regularly helps friends who were seriously affected by the Black Saturday bushfires with chainsawing, pruning, weed spraying, babysitting and she also works at a not for profit organisation teaching kids about sustainability. She went on to say…

“I guess ultimately I feel strongly about community causes, environment and family. Life is tough at times. Sure. But I won’t be beaten. I will make a difference on this Earth and I am conscious of giving everything my best shot. Where to next? The Tour de France in 2014!”

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if she was riding in it next year! That is one gutsy lady with an enormous legacy right there!

It is hard not to be amazed and inspired by people who live this way. So I dedicate all of my Shittytittie Chemo haircuts to you B! You are amazeballs! Not sitting and letting time pass by, not letting the personal circumstance and disability of a broken back and fractured skull get in the way, but living fully and passionately. You are so inspiring and I was lucky to cross paths with you years ago.

Reading all of these responses to this challenge makes me think that this hurdle of cancer in my life is a mere U/6 hurdle at the Little Athletics. Remember those? Teeny tiny they were.

So back to my trivial little cancer induced hairdos.

Echidna haircut
Echidna haircut
This haircut felt like one of those beanies with the ear pieces, so cosy. Yet it looked a bit like having an echidna wrapped around my head. Echidna aside, I have deemed it the “Tumultuous Tina Turner” unless any of you can come up with a better name. It’s a bit 1980’s era, Wedding Singer movie meets Kath and Kim television series. A bit boganish. Noice, noice, very noice! We nearly have exposed ears here… nearly.

I’ll admit I was a little eager to say goodbye to this one. So after snacking on some of the best figs I have ever eaten from Punk Chick’s awesome garden, on we went… snip, snip, snippety snip into the late afternoon sunshine.

Punk Chick's delicious home grown figs. The BEST ever!
Punk Chick’s delicious home grown figs. The BEST ever!
Punk Chick's expert hands at work
Punk Chick’s expert hands at work
Echidna gone!
Echidna gone!



It really was like an echidna don’t you think?

For all the details of the challenge and how to participate click here

You can also use the category menu at right of this blog to see all of the “Shittytittie Chemo Cuts Reveal Challenge” blog posts as they progress.

Who will be the next ten people to share their commitments to living a better life or making proactive steps towards creating a great legacy? YOU! Yes you!

Get a move on peeps or I’ll still be trotting these hairstyles out come Christmas, by which time I hope the original hair will be growing back. There are still six to go!


Tumultuous Tina

These organisation’s are very dear to my heart because they do some awesome things.

The Forgotten Cancers Project. Click to DONATE

Peter MaCallum Cancer Centre Click to DONATE

Bendigo Health Foundation Click to DONATE

Pink Hope Click to DONATE

Breast Cancer Network of Australia Click to DONATE

10 thoughts on “Shittytittie Chemo Cut Four

    1. Haven’t stopped singing it all week Candy. In fact I’ve also been breaking into “Rolling, rolling, rolling on a River” complete with dance moves. Kids think I’m mad. lol


  1. Wow Lisa this is my favorite! You are really lucky to have this amazingly talented hairdresser along this with you, though I did love the pirate look on Sunday ! Xxxx


  2. I want to see the next hair cut!!!! So I’ll share my personal challenge for 2013. It no secret… I can be vain when it comes to my personal appearance. I like to look good, and have nice clothes… However I was challenged after reading ‘revolution in world mission’ about stories of poverty. I was really keen to give more but felt that any cuts we could make would be sacrifice to the kids or Matt or our health and family time… Stop exercise class, no ballet, no camping weekends away, buy poor quality food… So decided I would not spend any money on clothes for the year (other than 1 pair of winter pants and 5 pairs of jocks). Wow. Hard but It has been fantastic experience for me!! Very humbling, stop worring about what I look like, I rediscovered old clothes, got better at mending clothes, I have more spare time as I not standing in front of the mirror, or browsing shops. It made me focus on how I feel on the inside and help me adjust to the ageing process. And I looking very much forward to the end of the year giving that money to people who have not even a pair of shoes! So here is to ‘holy’ socks for 2013!!!


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