Sunday Surprise!

It’s the little sneaky surprises in life that make me chuckle the most.

Pubic hair. There I said it!

This morning, they were gathering loosely in my undies. This is not the norm. No one has mentioned the short and curlies in all of this chemotherapy business. I thought they might fall out down the track with my eyebrows and eyelashes. But now, they are ALL over the shower recess, the toilet seat, and holding little gatherings like a book club meeting or something. Today is only day 13 from my first FEC -D chemotherapy infusion. Not that I’m counting or anything.

I have spent much of my adult life grooming these little guys. Pity I hadn’t given as much time to the hair on my head, but I am rectifying my abysmal hairdresser visit tally by getting in a few new styles before the head hair falls. I wonder if my nose hairs will also go? I’ve never really been fond of those.

But these ones?

Sticky buggers arent they!

So, if I’m out an about and I have a pubic hair stuck to the side of my face, can you just gently pick it off without even skipping a beat in our riveting conversation?

That would be grand!

Winter is going to be a wee bit chillier this year.


21 Comments on “Sunday Surprise!”

  1. Kelly says:

    You make me smile!


  2. runningmumof3boys says:

    I hadn’t thought of that !
    This will make you laugh I’ve been whipping it all off the month or so but it’s big upkeep. Leave it 2 days and Iain’s calling me Bluebeard the pirate !


  3. Gweneth Paltrow was on the Oprah show once extolling the life changing impact of getting regular Brazilian waxing to remove her pubic hair. She says that “It changed her life!” Oprah said that she would only do it “with a morphine drip.” Heh.

    Thanks for the chuckle.


  4. Thank you for giving Grant and I a good giggle this morning.


  5. helensamia says:

    OMG you gave me a huge laugh!!! Thanks for that it was much needed!! I had radiation to the pelvic area with my cancer treatment and it gave me the best Brazilian for months!! To much of a coward to ever have one professionally done but this was fun for a while!!!


  6. Steph says:

    yep, one of the first things to go! the nose hairs will go too… and cause a runny nose, unfortunately. although a lot of that is because it’s freezing where i live, so you most likely will not have the same issues with that one! the brows and lashes usually aren’t until close to the end. such a fun game to play, waiting for new hairs to fall out 🙂


  7. Steve Deeble says:

    Don’t bother posting pictures, you will spoil the suprise when I do get to see Brazil.


  8. NotDownOrOut says:

    Very funny. Yes, I lost the hair down there. I also lost the nose hairs. I lost all the hair from my forearms in one day. I lost my leg hair. Surprisingly, I never lost all of my scalp hair. In time, the hair came back. What ticks me off is that I spent almost $1000 years ago on laser treatments and got rid of nearly every hair on my upper lip, chin and neck. Now they’re back! That seems wrong.


    • LiseyBendy says:

      Forearms! Now there is another surprise. Chemo laughs in the face of other hair loss measures. I’m thinking I might have a ginger beard by the time all of this is through!


  9. Naomi D says:

    Oh my goodness woman you do make me laugh… so candid and so wonderfully generous with your sharing, I am ever so pleased that nothing is touching that sense of humour! Loyally reading always! Na xo


  10. stemimi says:

    Yep, they were the first to go for me, too! Then I shaved my head and my husband joined me in solidarity. Never lost eye lashes or brows but the plucked ones never grew back during those four months of chemo. Nose hair stayed. Thppt. My nails stopped growing. When they started up again it looked like tree rings: 6 bands to go with each treatment. As each band reached the end of the nail bed it tore off. So everyone is a little different. Oh, the lining over my eyes sloughed off. That was pleasant. Not.


    • LiseyBendy says:

      Stemimi, unfortunately it’s the other way round for us, I decided to get cancer and do chemo in solidarity of my husband being forced to shave his head for the last 15 years to combat a receding hairline. I’ve always found shaved heads on men sexy! lol We are going to look like a pack of martians as a family getting out of the car at the shops. This week we will have three shaved heads. But I’m yet to attack the two year old so he is safe with his long blonde locks for now. You know what they say… “The family that shaves together stays together”. Or was it something else? I can’t remember. Must be chemo-brain! lol


  11. […] The final cuts where done at home a few days after Punk Chick worked her magic. My hair started shedding on about day 14 after my first dose of FEC chemo. Hair from other parts of my body surprisingly went earlier as I embarrassingly blogged about here. […]


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