Chemo Dreamo

Wish me luck!

Off for an extraordinary day

An extraordinary day

20 Comments on “Chemo Dreamo”

  1. Steph says:

    I just finished up my last FEC-T (or Fec-“D” as they call it here)… I won’t lie and say it was fun, but the anticipation before it started was probably the worst part. Gets better once you know what to expect at least, and can plan out your schedule. I always try to plan a fun meal or two out during the last week when my appetite is a bit better and energy is back up. Dreaming about food has gotten me through some rough days! Good luck and hope you have an easy first cycle.


  2. Nina Vincent says:

    Best of luck lovely! Will be thinking of you xxx


  3. Good luck Lisa!!

    Take a deep breath and go in there and beat that shitty Cancer! you can do this!

    I’ll be thinking of you!

    Luv Helen


  4. Kristy says:

    Good luck! You’ll rock this stupid chemo and show cancer who’s boss!


  5. Kelly says:

    I’m thinking of you Lisa and send you much love xoxo


  6. Catherine says:

    Good luck! Thinking of you lots today 🙂


  7. Michelle B says:

    Good luck beautiful xo


  8. liza hopkins says:

    good luck today lisey hope it isnt to hard for you love u gorgeousxxxxx3 3


  9. Val Jackman says:

    Good luck .. you are very brave!!! We will be praying that all goes well for you!! xo


  10. Natalie watson says:

    Thinking of you always Lisa. Lots of love to you, Hubby and the kids xxx


  11. LiseyBendy says:

    Thanks everyone! Lots of love and the best of health to you all! X


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