It’s the little sneaky surprises in life that make me chuckle the most.

Pubic hair. There I said it!

This morning, they were gathering loosely in my undies. This is not the norm. No one has mentioned the short and curlies in all of this chemotherapy business. I thought they might fall out down the track with my eyebrows and eyelashes. But now, they are ALL over the shower recess, the toilet seat, and holding little gatherings like a book club meeting or something. Today is only day 13 from my first FEC -D chemotherapy infusion. Not that I’m counting or anything.

I have spent much of my adult life grooming these little guys. Pity I hadn’t given as much time to the hair on my head, but I am rectifying my abysmal hairdresser visit tally by getting in a few new styles before the head hair falls. I wonder if my nose hairs will also go? I’ve never really been fond of those.

But these ones?

Sticky buggers arent they!

So, if I’m out an about and I have a pubic hair stuck to the side of my face, can you just gently pick it off without even skipping a beat in our riveting conversation?

That would be grand!

Winter is going to be a wee bit chillier this year.